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Apple in the loop with rumoured device launches

James Pearce
March 18, 2016

Manufacturer has invited press to an event on March 21 where it is expected to unveil a new iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple is set to hold its latest launch event on Monday (March 21) where it is expected to unveil a brand new iPhone, iPad and follow up to the Apple Watch

The manufacturer, sent out invites to its “Let us Loop You In” event on March 10 – leading to widespread speculation about what is is set to unveil.

Reports out of Silicon Valley suggest a new smartphone, the iPhone SE, will be revealed, just six months after the launch of the iPhone 6S. The SE (Special Edition) is expected to be a smaller four-inch version of the 5s.

The latest iPhone- rumoured to be called the iPhone SE – is expected to be around 14 per cent thinner than previous models, in part down to Apple’s rumoured decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. It is also expected to come with a new 12MP camera.

Blancco Technology Group CEO Pat Clawson said the decision to go with a thinner device will have a big impact on the battery.

He said: “The most significant ramification is that the battery will now be smaller in size – and it relies on the performance improvements of the operating system. Because there is more and more functionality and complexity in the operating system, it will be difficult to optimise the power consumption of the battery.

“However, Apple is probably using EMI coating in the “iPhone 7″, which reduces electromagnetic interference and makes it possible to place the chips closer together. Because of this, they probably don’t have to shrink the battery too much. Some rumours say that iPhone 7 Plus will have a 3100mAh battery, compared to the 2750 mAh battery in iPhone 6s Plus.”

He also claims that, despite the thinner design, Apple will have taken lessons from the “Bendgate” scandal that engulfed the iPhone 6 Plus. When Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September 2014, reports began circulating that the device would bend in people’s pockets.

“It looks as though the 7,000 Series aluminium on the new models is alloyed with zinc, making the phone very strong and durable. For the most part, Apple products are typically a step above the rest when it comes to quality and functionality. I’ve had an iPhone 6 Plus for over a year and dropped it a couple of times – and the phone has withstood the drops and is still in close to new shape.”

Earphone Jacked

Clawson also commented on rumours that Apple has ditched the earphone port in its newest iPhone in favour of running headphones through the USB Type-C port included or wireless speakers.

It marks the latest controversial decision from the manufacturer, who came under fire for abandoning its Thunderbolt port in favour of the Lightning port in previous iPhones, before introducing the USB Type-C port in the iPhone 6.

“Apple has a storied history of innovating and evolving their technologies – and this is another example of that. I expect other device manufacturers will follow Apple’s lead over the next several months. According to industry speculation and rumors, Apple is developing their own wireless earpods (completely wireless and without any wires between the pods).

“I think it’s a smart and strategic product move on Apple’s part. These days, people are inclined to opt for using wireless products whenever they can – be it a mouse for their computer, or a headphone for their smartphones – because that adds another layer of convenience for them.

“At first, it might be a slight adjustment for Apple users who have been so used to plugging in the traditional 3.5 mm earphone jacks. And for some users, it will be slightly frustrating if they’ve spent money to buy wired Hi-Fi headphones. But like anything else in life, they’ll adjust quickly and soon come to prefer the wireless earbuds.”

A new iPad 3 and the Apple Watch 2 are also expected to be on show. Details remained thin at the time of going to press. A full report will be displayed on the Mobile News website and featured in the next issue on March 30.

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