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Apple’s iPhone 11 tops shipment rankings for Q1, reveals Omdia

Paul Lipscombe
May 27, 2020

Apple and Samsung dominated the list of most popular smartphones, with Xiaomi also proving successful

Apple’s iPhone 11 was the most popular smartphone during the first quarter of 2019 according to Omdia. 

Omdia revealed in its Smartphone Model Tracker Q1’20 report that Apple shipped 19.5 million iPhone 11 smartphones. 

Despite the crippling coronavirus crisis, this was six million more units than the iPhone XR managed in Q1 2019.

Omdia director of smartphone research Jusy Hong said this is down to Apple’s strategy. 

“Apple’s success is the result of its strategy to offer relatively few models. 

“This has allowed the company to focus its efforts on a small number of products that appeal to a broad selection of consumers and sell in extremely high volumes.”

Omdia said that its $50 cheaper launch release price contributed to the iPhone 11 success, along with the upgraded camera specs. 

Xiaomi success

Samsung claimed second in the quarter with its Galaxy A51 smartphone shipping 6.8 million units. 

While Xiaomi surprisingly hit third and fourth spot for the quarter. 

The Chinese vendor shipped 6.6 million Redmi Note 8’s and 6.1 million Redmi Note 8 Pro handsets. 

But the overall top 10 was dominated by Apple and Samsung, with four models apiece. 

All four of Apple’s smartphones made the cut, with the XR, iPhone 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro making the list in fifth, sixth and eight respectively. 

Samsung’s main success was with its mid range models, although the S20+ 5G made it into the top 10. 

Samsung tops 5G

However Samsung did come top of the 5G smartphone standings thanks to the S20+ 5G. 

This model pipped Huawei’s Mate 30 5G and Mate 30 Pro 5G, which came second and third. 

With Samsung’s S20 5G and S20 5G Ultra completing the top five. 

Samsung shipped 3.5 million S20+ 5G smartphones during the first quarter of the year. 

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