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AUT: T-Mobile Austria in 3G upgrade

Mobile News
September 23, 2009

T-Mobile Austria has awarded Nokia Siemens Network a contract to modernise its 3G radio access network by mid-2010.

The operator said the move will see it halve the enrgy consumption of its network as it looks to improve voice and mobile broadband experience for its subscribers.

Nokia Siemens Network will conduct a nationwide deployment of its Flexi Multiradio Base Station to allow T-Mobile Austria to reduce its carbon footprint by as much as 2,500 tons per year.

T-Mobile Austria added that the modular design of the base station, which is only 20 per cent of the size and weight of a conventional base station, minimises the carbon emissions generated during transportation and istallation. It has also been developed to work without the need for external air conditioning, bringing a 30 per cent reduction in site energy consumption and its footprint is further diminished becasue as the base station is LTE ready, it can be upgraded via remote software downloads.

The operator also said that once Next Generation of Mobile Networks is deployed, end users will be able to experience mobile broadband “like never before”, and will also see an instant improvement in the speed of browsing, email, video sharing and music downloads. 

T-Mobile Austria executive vice president for networks Christian Laqué said: “What better way to upgrade than with a commitment to preserve our future. “Nokia Siemens Networks’ Flexi Multiradio Base Station prepares our network for Next Generation of Mobile Networks (NGMN) and delivers a completely new end user experience, while reducing our overall energy consumption – creating a win-win situation for everyone.”

Manfred Kilga of Nokia Siemens Networks, who is in charge of business with T-Mobile Austria, said: “Our energy efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station is a complete solution offering for operators across markets ensuring excellent end user experience with top service quality and network performance.

“It’s easy to deploy, it perfectly works for 3G and it’s ready for Next Generation of Mobile Networks, which means it needs only a software upgrade to move on along the future evolution path, and it helps keep operating expenditure in check.”


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