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Crystal Ball breakthrough with BlackBerry

Mobile News
September 7, 2010

New market tipped to open to dealers as Crystal Ball tracking application now compatible on BlackBerry handsets

Service provider Crystal Ball’s mobile tracking application now works on BlackBerry handsets, the firm said last week.

Managing director Raj Singh said: “The biggest opportunity for us is with BlackBerry handsets. BlackBerry is a trusted brand for businesses, and a robust solution that works extremely well for them. This is a major step for Crystal Ball.”

The application runs on the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Bold 2 9700, Curve 2 8900, Pearl 3G 9105 and Storm 2 9520, and will be compatible with future devices from Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion.

It also works on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. An Android-compatible version is also to launch.

The Crystal Ball application is a downloadable application that combines a tracking function, lone worker solution and an airtime monitoring tool.

The service is intended to give employers better sight of staff on the road, and a way to improve productivity among them. It also offers some protection for staff in difficult work environments and protection for employers against tough duty-of-care obligations.

Crystal Ball is expected to be confirmed also as a BlackBerry Alliance member as well, allowing it sight of coming product launches from the handset vendor in order to develop its own services to launch in tandem with their general release.

Partners welcomed the announcement.

Adam Miller, sales director at Crystal Ball distributor MoCo, said: “BlackBerry is essential for it. We like the product immensely, and think it will sell well within the dealer community, and also bring us some crossover business from the tracking channel, but this is a necessary step. BlackBerry is the mobile tool of choice for businesses, which is the market for the Crystal Ball application.”

Sunrise Associates director Chris Jones said: “It’s a good-looking solution, and good new revenue driver for us, but the BlackBerry element has been missing.”

Vocal Mobile sales director Paul Miller said: “BlackBerry is the key; much more so than the iPhone, which is more like an executive toy. Employers want this application in the hands of their workforces, and BlackBerry is the default product for them.”

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