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EE recalls 1.4m Power Bars following fresh safety concerns

James Pearce
December 16, 2015

Operator is recalling all Power Bars after reports of two new incidents across different batches of charging solution

EE is set to recall all of its Power Bar charging solutions after two new incidents of overheating were reported to the operator.

power-barEE will send text messages to 1.4 million customers today (December 16) and tomorrow asking them to return their Power Bars following fresh concerns over the safety of the devices.

Mobile News understands that the operator took the decision to recall its Power Bars after two more people claimed their devices had overheated.

An EE spokesperson said: “We’re recalling all EE Power Bars. Customers with a Power Bar should stop using it and return it to one of our stores.

“We are taking this action because we are aware of a very small number of further incidents where Power Bars have overheated and this could cause a fire safety risk.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but customer safety is a priority and that’s why we’re taking this voluntary and precautionary action.”

£20 vouchers

EE said it will contact customers via text, as well as across press and social media channels.

They are advising all customers take their Power Bar chargers to their nearest EE store so they can be disposed of in dump bins. These bins will be located at the entrance to EE stores.

handAll customers will be offered a £20 accessories voucher to be redeemed online, Customers will have until February to redeem the vouchers, which can be sued to purchase accessories from EE.

It follows an incident in August where the operator recalled almost 500,000 Power Bars after reports claiming one had caught fire. A medical student called Katy Emslie posted on Twitter (right) that her Power Bar had exploded, causing her room to set fire and burning her hand.


EE launched its Power Bar incentive in April, offering customers a free portable charger with unlimited swaps in-store.

It had partnered with accessories distributor Kondor for supply of the product, which sold out within 24 hours and didn’t come back on sale until June.

However in August, the operator recalled up to 500,000 Power Bars with the serial number E1-06 as it investigated reports of overheating and burning.

The recalled chargers were sent to a laboratory in Sweden for stress-testing but in October EE CEO Olaf Swantee told Mobile News that the Power Bars had been deemed safe as part of rigorous tests.

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