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BT adopts EE to create flagship brand for consumers

Megan Robinson
April 27, 2022

BT will also add new products and services to evolve relationships with customers

BT has announced that it will begin a new chapter in its transformation by adopting EE as its flagship brand for consumer customers, focusing on convergence of networks, devices and future services.

CEO of BT Consumer Marc Allera revealed the news in a blog post and told readers that nothing will change for BT customers, and that BT will be the flagship brand for Enterprise and Global units.

He says BT customers believe EE offers the best mobile connectivity and that it is steadily gaining popularity in the broadband market.

Allera said: “Having both BT and EE in an already crowded consumer market means we must have two of everything, and that makes life harder for our customers and our people.

“Two accounts, two apps, two product roadmaps, and multiple systems- we need to simplify things, for everyone.

“While EE’s rural mobile coverage spreads further than any other operator, EE is also favoured by customers in our towns and cities – which is where there is an overwhelming demand for multiple services beyond fixed lines.” 

More details will be shared over the coming months.

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