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BT launches new partnership network for UK’s smallest firms

Paul Lipscombe
June 1, 2022

This new network is aimed at helping small businesses grow

BT has introduced a new partnership network for the UK’s smallest businesses after teaming up with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

This new partnership network is specifically designed for businesses with zero to five employees, with BT customers able to benefit from 15 per cent discount on FSB membership.

The partnership will enable customers to receive additional benefits across broadband, mobile, connected devices and digital marketing.

As part of the launch, FSB members are able to claim up to £250 towards running their own social media and digital advertising campaigns through BT’s digital marketing hub.

BT’s MD for SoHo (Small Office/Home Office) Chris Sims said: “Today’s launch of our new partnership network for the UK’s smallest firms marks the latest phase in our ongoing mission to support the growth of small businesses.

“Our new partnership network will make our technology, skills and expertise even more accessible for small businesses, while making it easier for them do business and grow in an increasingly sophisticated world.”

Through BT’s new digital platform and the use of AI tech, businesses are able to create, send and measure digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms.

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