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BT showcase 5G enabled applications at Belfast Harbour

Saf Malik
October 18, 2019

The telecoms company aim to bring a ‘Smart Port’ to the city

BT teamed with mixed reality partners Ubimax and VRtuoso teamed together yesterday to demonstrate the benefits that 5G can bring to UK business and Industry at Belfast Harbour yesterday.

The telecommunications giant brought live demonstrations of augmented and virtual reality to Belfast Harbour over BT’s 5G network as part of their vision to create a ‘Smart Port’ and a waterfront for the city.

5G provides ultrafast speeds and reliability and BT teamed up with augmented reality solution specialists Ubimax for the headsets. The demonstration showed how maintenance activities can be simplified and improved using a hand-free headset which will be connected to a 5G device.

BT aimed to show how maintenance activities at the port can be simplified with a connection to a 5G network.

The second demonstration at the event show a 5G immersive experience and showed how 5G can make virtual reality ‘boundary-less’ by allowing participants located in different geographies the ability to draw virtual reality content from the cloud.

BT Enterprise unit CEO Gerry McQuade said: The demonstrations we’ve shown today are a powerful illustration of what 5G can do for business, both here in Northern Ireland and across the UK.

Belfast Harbour CEO Joe O’Neill added: “We have a strong ambition and motivation to become the world’s best regional port and create an iconic waterfront district for Belfast, making it an attractive place to live, work, visit and invest in.

“They’ve shown that 5G will be the catalyst for a revolution in how technology supports people, enables workplaces and simplifies operations.”

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