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Bullitt announces Motorola partnership

Saf Malik
February 10, 2021

Bullitt will now develop Motorola branded rugged devices

Bullitt Group has today announced it will partner with Motorola to develop and market rugged mobile devices.

Bullitt Group was first formed in 2009 and has pioneered the development of tough, rugged mobile devices.

Its portfolio will now include Motorola branded rugged phones which will be announced later this quarter.

Bullitt co-founder Dave Floyd said: “This is a unique strategic alliance, as it allows Bullitt to apply its expertise to the Motorola portfolio of products.

“Motorola invented the mobile phone and remains one of the most iconic brands in the world. To be entrusted by Motorola to create a portfolio of Motorola branded rugged phones, bears testament to the exceptional business we have built at Bullitt over the last 11 years.”

Motorola executive director of strategic brand partnerships Dave Carroll added: “Bullitt has distinguished itself as a leader in rugged mobile.

“These devices have broad appeal, from outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers to consumers who just want an ultra-durable phone.

“We look forward to working with Bullitt to ruggedise our products, allowing the Motorola brand to be present in a new and growing segment of Mobile phone users.”


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