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Bullitt: Research shows consumer demand for sustainability is set to rise

Megan Robinson
April 26, 2022

Bullitt has also introduced a range of new care services to extend the life cycle of its products

Analyst research shows that sustainability of phones is set to be a big influencer of consumer choice, with 47 per cent of people citing durability and 29pc citing recyclability as factors when choosing a phone.

CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood commented: “Sustainability is a hot issue and phone makers’ green credentials are becoming an increasingly important part of consumers’ purchasing decisions.”

“There’s a growing and very encouraging trend in the mobile phone industry, and consumer electronics more broadly, as companies start to pay more and more attention to sustainability.”

Rugged lifespan

Cat phones by Bullitt Group are designed to be rugged, built to last, and have a longer lifespan.

Canalys research revealed when comparing the life cycle of leading non-rugged smartphones, iPhones have an average lifespan of 37 months- with Android having 33 months.

Bullitt claims Cat phones have an extended lifespan of 42-48 months, which is 46 per cent longer than mainstream brands.

Bullitt Group VP product Pete Cunningham said: “Our customers want phones that last for longer and we build our products to do just that. 

“Other manufacturers have a much more superficial approach to ruggedisation which is what sets us apart.

“Our phones are packed full of high-grade, waterproof components that are protected by impact-resistant casing and dirt-proof seals.”

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