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CES: Samsung defiant that security remains top priority

Paul Lipscombe
January 9, 2020

No new phones revealed in Vegas, but Samsung stands firm on its commitment to security 

Although Samsung didn’t announce a new smartphone during CES this year, the vendor did however reaffirm its strong position on providing security and privacy for its users.

The topic was discussed during a keynote speech as Samsung introduced the ‘Age of Experience’, with a glimpse of its latest AI, 5G and edge computing innovations displayed to the audience. 

However it was towards the conclusion of the keynote speech that Samsung addressed privacy and security, as its consumer division president and CEO H.S. Kim reassured Samsung users that their data is safe. 

In his speech, Kim highlighted three key areas of particular importance for Samsung in the future which are security and privacy, technology for good and citizenship, with security Samsung’s top priority as technology advances.

“Samsung will never share your data with third parties without prior and direct consent from you,” said Kim.  

Kim also revealed that Samsung’s security platform Knox will continue to be developed in line with Samsung’s range of devices for continued protection. 

“We will further ensure transparent data management and transfer by advancing our data protection efforts with on-device AI, edge computing, and blockchain technology.” 

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