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Chameleon Group sues Bury

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July 6, 2010

Hands-free kit distributor sues manufacturer’s UK operations for infringement of distribution contract; takes action against former MD who moved to manufacturer

The Chameleon Group has launched legal proceedings against hands-free kit manufacturer Bury Technologies (UK) Ltd and former Chameleon Codewing managing director Rod Lewis.

Lewis left his position at hands-free equipment distributor Chameleon Codewing in April 2009 to take up the same role at Bury Technologies (UK).

Chameleon claims Bury Technologies (UK) dishonestly assisted and conspired with Lewis to wrongfully sell products to customers of Chameleon as covered by its distribution contract with parent Bury GmbH & Co KG. Chameleon Codewing is listed as Bury’s official distribution partner in the UK.

The proceedings include allegations that Bury Technologies (UK) is selling products bearing an outer label stating untruthfully that such products are OEM products.

Chameleon wants Bury Technologies (UK) to hand over any profits made since January 2009 by selling products in Great Britain that are the same as those covered by its distribution contract.

Alternatively, Chameleon is seeking damages from Bury Technologies (UK) for conspiring with Lewis to cause damage to it and for inducing or procuring that Lewis act in breach of his contractual obligations owed to The Chameleon Group.

It is understood that Bury Technologies (UK) will be filing a defence to the allegations.

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