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Counterpoint Research: Europe smartphone shipments decline 11pc YoY in Q2 2022

Megan Robinson
August 2, 2022

Economic climate, geopolitical uncertainty, recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and chip shortages have contributed to a slower European recovery

The European smartphone market declined by 11 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2022, according to Counterpoint Research’s Market Monitor service.

There was also a 13pc decline quarter-on-quarter to 40 million units, the lowest quarterly total since Q2 2020.

Samsung maintained its position as Europe’s number one vendor in Q2 2022 with a 32pc share up from 27pc YoY but a decline from Q1 2022.

Apple took the second spot with 24pc of the market due to the launch of the iPhone SE 5G, but also declined QoQ.

Xiaomi now holds 19pc of the market, but has declined from a peak in Q2 2021. However, it did gain QoQ.

Oppo and realme came fourth and fifth respectively, with Oppo suffering from supply and manufacturing issues in China and realme reaching double digit YoY shipment growth.

Counterpoint Research’s associate director Jan Stryjak said: “it was a mixed bag of results in Q2 2022, and year-on-year comparisons mask complex market dynamics. 

Much has changed in Europe compared to last year and even last quarter, both from an industry and macro perspective.”

“The situation in Europe unfortunately remains bleak. Many countries in Europe are slipping closer to recession, and domestic political tensions in numerous countries beyond Russia and Ukraine are rising, for example in France, Germany and the UK. 

“We remain hopeful, though, that the bottom has been reached and the trajectory should turn upwards soon, but the recovery will likely be long and slow.”

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