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Covid-19 to cause $42 billion revenue gap in device shipments, says Juniper

Paul Lipscombe
March 26, 2020

Vendors will need to adapt to new strategies to overcome difficult period

Juniper Research expect smart device vendors to miss out on $42 billion in revenue in the next nine months as a direct result of the coronavirus. 

The research analysed a number of key device verticals including smartphones, tablets, consumer robotics, smart watches and smart wearables. 

Juniper ranked the impact of the coronavirus with the three different scenarios being low, medium and high. 

In the worst case scenario there will be a reduction of over 80 million devices being produced in the next nine months, with components such as batteries, processors and displays being delayed, thus causing disruption. 

Smartphones will make up the majority of this device shortfall according to Juniper Research, accounting for 85 per cent of missed shipments. 

To best overcome these challenges in the coming months, the vendors will need to have a ‘resilient strategy’, which includes having a diversified component supplier base.  

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