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Crystal Ball wholesale debuts with Evolve

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November 19, 2010

Major Vodafone platinum dealer Evolve Telecom signs up is first wholesaler for Crystal Ball’s tracking solutions

Tracking service provider Crystal Ball has launched a wholesale model to run alongside its direct and distributor propositions, and signed major Vodafone dealer Evolve Telecom as its first partner.

Wholesale partners will be offered Crystal Ball tracking products at wholesale rates, allowing them to construct their own tariffs for tracking services under their own brands, billed on their own systems.

Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh (pictured left) said: “This will be offered to only a few key players.  All potential wholesale partners will need to submit a business plan that demonstrates a high level of commitment as there will be a requirement for achieving both minimum numbers and low rates of churn, as well as meeting requisite levels of customer training and levels of customer service too.

“Partners must have a suitable billing platform and we’re offering a three-year contract on the provision that Crystal Ball is the solus provider of tracking products.”

Vodafone platinum partner Evolve Telecom became Vodafone’s biggest dealer in terms of its managed base with its purchase or rival CBS earlier this year.

Managing director Mark Gordon (pictured right) said: “Having a wholesale contract means that we’re able to bill, service and collect direct from the customer and we’re able to   co-brand. Nobody else is able to do that yet. It means the customer becomes more entangled with us. The relationship will be totally managed by us.

“We’ve sold tracking before in a piecemeal way and offered various products which has fragmented our proposition. Crystal Ball offers a full range on one system. It provides a number of hooks that are not contract or network dependent and give us the opportunity to win new business. The icing on the cake is all the products require a data bolt-on, which adds value to our business and Vodafone’s, as it increases the ARPU.”

Singh added: “With the looming increase in VAT, soaring fuel prices and ever tightening legislation, businesses are under pressure to improve their productivity and control costs. Crystal Ball can address all these areas and offers businesses significant returns with minimal investment.”

He said: “Some dealers have seen just how ripe this market is and is going to be for some time. There will be easy wins and big numbers. We’re at the end of the early-adopter phase and the mass market is now an absolute reality.”

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