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Cyberstalkers Using New Windows Feature to Spy on iPhones

Staff Reporter
May 11, 2023

A Windows app called Phone Link now on iOS may have created a backdoor for cyberstalkers to target iPhones.

So says Simon Lewis co-founder of Certo Software, which provides apps to iOS and Android users to scan their device for spyware and security vulnerabilities.

Phone Link allows iOS users to connect their iPhones to a PC.

Our research suggests that this new feature could potentially compromise the perceived security of iPhones” says Lewis

“Phone Link has been around for many years and it’s designed to enable users to connect their Android phone to their PC via a Wi-Fi connection. It’s a useful and legitimate app that allows users to send/receive texts and make/receive calls right from their PC.

“Mac users have had this ability for many years now. But this is the first time that Windows users have been able to link with their iPhones in this way.

“The new capability is a welcome piece of cross-platform integration that will be convenient for the millions of people that use Windows on their laptops but have Apple cell phones.

Lewis: several of our users have reported that cyberstalkers have been using Phone Link to spy on their iPhones

“Unfortunately, as with many such tools designed to make our lives easier and more productive, abusers and cyberstalkers often find ways to exploit them and Phone Link is no exception.

“Several of our users have reported that cyberstalkers have been using Phone Link to spy on their iPhones. We discovered that it is easy for potential cyberstalkers to set up this app on someone else’s iPhone and there are no obvious signs that the iPhone user’s data is being shared.

“Cyberstalkers with physical access to their victim’s iPhone can set up Phone Link with their own Windows PC and then use it to spy on iMessages and phone call history—all without the victim’s knowledge.

“iPhones are renowned for their robust security, thus making them the most challenging devices to infiltrate via spying. This recent revelation is especially significant because, unlike Android phones, deploying spyware on iPhones is notably more difficult.

“Many people who prioritize their security opt for iPhones for this reason, and the fact that cyberstalkers seem to be rapidly exploiting this new feature is concerning. As a result, the iPhone’s reputation as a “secure” choice could be at risk”

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