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Data Select ready for drone market to take flight after DJI deal

Alex Yau
May 22, 2015

Distributor hoping to take a position of leadership with new aerial product market

Data Select has broadened its product portfolio with the addition of drones from leading Chinese manufacturer DJI.

Data Select will be offering the full DJI drone range from the entry-level Phantom 2 (RRP starting at £499) to the Inspire 1 (£2,381) for distribution to its resellers. Its Brandpath sister company, Expansys, will also be offering the devices for direct sale to consumers. It is the first time the range will have been sold outside of specialist retailers in the UK.

Drones allow consumers to take aerial photography and video. The DJI range offers features such as 4K filming, live HD transmission and GoPro mounting.

The Shenzhen-based company reportedly had revenues of $500 million in 2014. It has a global workforce of 3,000 people and has been making the devices for eight years.

Data Select has previously spoken of the requirement for it and its resellers to broaden their focus beyond traditional telecoms.

“We are constantly looking at innovative new products to add to our portfolio and with the professional applications of drones they are a natural fit,” said senior vice president Roy Taylor. “From aerial surveys to wedding photography, drones are much more than just a toy.”

Data Guard

The distributor has also announced that it will be the launch supplier for new encryption technology called Data Guard from storage solution provider CubeiTz that is 7,000 times more secure than internet banking.

The cloud-based technology encrypts files at source meaning that both files stored on computers and online storage sites are encrypted at one-million bits – a major increase on the 128 and 256 bit encryption that is standard in the industry. Data Guard went on sale last week with a trade price of £22.72 excluding VAT (RRP £41.94).

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