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EE announces new broadband plans with Apple TV 4K and BT Sport support

Manny Pham
June 27, 2019

Prices start from £37 per month and gives customers access to 52 Premier League football matches

EE has unveiled a new set of broadband plans that include Apple TV 4K and access to BT Sport.

The 18 month home broadband packages start from £37 per month and is available exclusively for EE monthly mobile customers with a smartphone or 12 to 24-month SIM-only mobile plan.

BT Sports gives access to 52 Premier League football matches, and UEFA Champions League and Europa League games. Other sports to be broadcast includes UFC, cricket, tennis, MotoGP and exclusive coverage of WWE wrestling.

Customers who take EE’s standard or fibre home broadband receive a free 5GB monthly data boost to their mobile plan and those who take Fibre Max broadband see that increase to 20GB.

PP Foresight technology, media and telco analyst Paolo Pescatore said:

“This is an attractive bundle that will resonate with consumers. Furthermore they can now access a wide range of TV services from one place.”

“Combine this offering with 5G connectivity down the line then it becomes even more compelling.”

“This also represents a great opportunity for EE to cross sell BT Sport into its strong mobile base with live sport offerings sports fans the best picture and audio formats available with 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos.”

BT consumer division CEO Marc Allera added: “We’re giving customers the TV, film and sport they love in the best quality on Apple TV 4K. By combining Apple TV 4K and BT Sport with EE’s award-winning unlimited home broadband, we’re able to provide our customers with a premium TV service that not only provides great value for money, but a great experience at home, as well as on the go.”

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