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EE enjoys clean sweep of RootMetrics network testing awards

Paul Withers
September 2, 2016

Operator ranked best for Overall Performance throughout the UK, and finishes top across the remaining five categories 

EE has enjoyed a clean sweep of major awards in the latest nationwide tests by RootMetrics.

The tests, measured over the first half of this year, saw RootMetrics collect 804,430 samples and drive 24.600 miles. They were conducted around the clock whilst driving and at 851 indoor locations.

EE was top for ‘Overall Performance’ with a RootScore of 92.1 (out of 100). It also finished top in the ‘Reliability’ (93.5), ‘Speed’ (89.9), ‘Data’ (93.5), ‘Call’ (89.7) and ‘Text’ (96.3) categories.

Three was second in four of those: Overall Performance (85.3), Reliability (90), Data 87.2), and Call (81.7) but was third in Text (92.3) and last in Speed (74.8).

Vodafone was a consistent third behind Three, placed in that position for Overall Performance (81.3), Reliability (82), Data (80.9) and Call (80.4).

O2 finished bottom in all but one category, ranking third in Speed, meaning it failed to improve on its performance in the previous tests.

Impressive roll outs

RootMetrics general manager of Europe Scott Stonham said: “Over the past two years, UK consumers have benefited from big improvements across all operators in the major UK metros.

‘The amount of time consumers are able to access LTE is rising, leading to continued increases in data speeds as well as improvement in reliability. We are not surprised to see an increase in these metrics, and are impressed by the rate of these roll outs.”

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