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EE launches unlimited 4G and 5G data plans

Paul Lipscombe
August 28, 2019

EE launched its 5G network towards the end of May

EE has today (August 28) followed in the footsteps of rival operator Vodafone and launched unlimited 4G and 5G mobile data plans.

The operator initially
launched its 5G network in May, becoming the first MNO in the UK to
rollout 5G and has announced a number of handset plans.

Prices for the plans
vary with unlimited 5G plans beginning from £69 per month, although
customers can alternatively opt for a 5G SIM-only Smart plan for £44
per month.

The 5G Smart handset
plans come with three swappable benefits, including BT Sport, Amazon
Prime Video and Roam Further Pass access, which gives users access to
more than £25 worth of benefits each month.

While unlimited 4G
plans start from £64 per month and come with a choice of two
swappable benefits. For 4G SIM-only customers prices begin at £34
per month for unlimited data.

All of EE’s unlimited
plans also come with a 100GB monthly giftable data allowance, which
can be shared about to additional lines on the same account. Those
with unlimited 5G plans have 120GB of giftable data.

So far EE’s 5G network
is available in parts of London, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh,
Birmingham and Manchester.

EE is also offering
unlimited data plans on 4G and 5G for SMEs, with SIM-only plans
starting from £27 per month and smartphone plans ranging from £41.

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