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EE sweeps the board at Opensignal Mobile Experience Awards

Jasper Hart
April 9, 2019

Other operators show signs of improvement, says analytics firm

EE won all five of analytics firm Opensignal’s national prizes in its 2019 Mobile Experience Awards.

The results, which were revealed in Opensignal’s UK Mobile Network Experience Report April 2019, showed the BT-owned operator beating out O2, Vodafone and Three in the categories of 4G availability, video experience, download speed experience, upload speed experience, and latency experience.

In terms of 4G availability, EE scored 89 per cent in Opensignal’s metric, five per cent ahead of O2 in second place.

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Vodafone narrowly lost out to EE in the video experience category, with a score of 67.2 to 68.5, while in the download speed experience category, EE was more than 8Mbps faster than Vodafone in second place, with the two networks scoring 29.6Mbps and 21.0Mbps respectively.

Vodafone also came second to EE in upload speed experience with a score of 7.3Mbps, behind EE’s 9.4Mbps.

In the final national category of latency experience, EE won with 40.7 milliseconds ahead of Vodafone with 44.9 milliseconds.

Three came last in video experience, download speed experience, and latency experience, while O2 came last in download speed experience and upload speed experience.

In terms of the report’s regional awards, measuring the categories across the 12 regions of the UK, EE won 40 out of 60, and tied in a further 17. It passed the 30Mbps download speed experience milestone in four regions including London, where it measured 34.9Mbps – the highest Opensignal has ever measured in the UK.

Overall, Opensignal saw either a flat performance or growth in the four networks’ scores in each category on last year’s report.

The report said: “While EE dominated our awards, we’ve seen encouraging signs of improvement across the board from the other operators.”

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