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EE targeting B2B customers with new IoT range

James Pearce
October 28, 2015

New products include 4G streaming cameras, free public Wifi and a new IoT platform, which is already being used by Royal Mail

EE has announced a new range of products aimed at businesses in the healthcare, housing and emergency service sectors.

The operator said it now has more than half a million business and public sector accounts, with 75 per cent using 4G connections.

The new products are part of EE’s Internet of Things Connect platform, which was launched in September. Royal Mail last week became EE’s first major customer to use the platform, which the operator claims is the first dedicated 4G IoT platform for businesses.

It unveiled a new connected camera, the 4GEE Capture Cam, which is aimed at both consumers and businesses. Like the EE Action Cam which launched earlier this year, the device allows users to live stream HD content wherever they are through an EE SIM card.

EE said further details about the new range of cameras will be released in 2016.

Other products

Other new technologies it disclosed included Connected Vehicle, Rapid Site and Connected Health.

The importance of public services using 4g at , London, Britain on 26 Oct 2015.Connected Vehicle is being trialled by Northumbrian Water, Staffordshire Police and East Midlands Ambulance Service.

It is a connectivity solution aimed at remote workers, who use their vehicles as offices, by providing a mounted 4G hotspot. It has GPS and 4G connectivity, plus support from a specialist EE team.

Connected Health is aimed at NHS Trusts and GPs, and is a mobile messaging solution aimed at boosting communication with patients.

According to EE, its enterprise messaging service currently sends between 20 to 25 million one-way SMS messages per month for the NHS, but the new service is a two-way service allowing personalised and tailored messages between surgery and patient.

Rapid Site

EE also launched a number of apps for patients in primary care and clinical observations in secondary care.

Rapid Site is a “one stop shop” to supply, install, connect and commission an antenna and 4G router for businesses. EE will also decommission the equipment for re-use once it is no longer required.

It is aimed at on-site connectivity and rapid deployment, such as pop-up retail stores, construction sites or temporary events.

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