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EE unveils Stay Connected service and new NHS Heroes offer

Saf Malik
July 6, 2021

Network also launches 4G and WiFi Calling on a pay-as-you-go

EE has today announced it will become the only UK network to help new and upgrading pay monthly customers stay connected at no extra cost, even if their monthly data allowance runs out. 

The network operator is also launching a new long-term package of benefits exclusively for NHS workers and has commenced the rollout of 4G and WiFi Calling across pay-as-you-go plans. 

EE’s Stay Connected service automatically switches on once a customer has used their monthly data allowance and is fast enough for customers to send and receive data messages, check their emails on the go and access the maps app. 

Customers will have a choice of a data add-on if they would like to continue with full speed data or they can receive additional data from someone on the same shared plan via data-gifting. Stay Connected comes in addition to EE’s full speed unlimited data plans. 

NHS Heroes perks

Moving forward, EE will offer customers that have used up their monthly allowance access to mobile data at no extra cost. 

NHS workers new to EE or upgrading will also benefit from 20 per cent off their monthly price plan with the option to extend this for up to four friends or family members. 

NHS workers will also be offered priority mobile phone repairs, so if their phone breaks, EE will fast-track it to be fixed. 

The new EE NHS offer is open for new registrations online from today. 

4G and WiFi Calling on PAYG

EE has also started rolling out 4G Calling and WiFi Calling to PAYG customers with compatible handsets. 

New PAYG customers will be able to access both services when they activate their SIM cards and the update being rolled out in a phased approach to all existing customers with the aim of having the service accessible to all of them by mid-August. 

Once WiFi Calling is activated in a customer’s smartphone settings, they can make and receive calls automatically where they have a WiFi connection. Unlike some other WiFi solutions, WiFi Calling doesn’t require an app. 

Once activated, it’s automatic – allowing customers to dial as normal, whether that is in the basement, in a coffee shop or even on the London Underground.

BT consumer division CEO Marc Allera said: “We’re always looking for ways to offer our customers the best experience when using our award-winning 4G and 5G networks. 

“That’s why we’re introducing ‘Stay Connected’ data in our new pay monthly plans, becoming the only major UK network to enable customers to stay connected at no extra cost when their monthly data allowance runs out and enhancing our pay as you go service with 4G and WiFi Calling, so customers can make calls and send texts from more places in the UK than ever before.

“We’re also expanding our NHS offer to continue to support the people who work so selflessly to help us all. One in five of the over 1.6 million NHS workers in the UK are currently benefitting from our existing NHS offer, and we want to carry on doing our bit to connect those who need it most.”

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