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European Commission to challenge CK Hutchinson and O2 merger in top EU court

Paul Lipscombe
July 30, 2020

The European Court overturned a black on a potential merger in May 

The European Commission has reportedly moved to challenge The European Court decision to overturn its block on the proposed Three and O2 merger back in 2016.

According to reports by Reuters, the European Commission has confirmed it will appeal against this ruling, taking the case to the Court of Justice.

It comes after the European Court found no evidence that a merger would harm competition or drive price increases.

CK Hutchinson saw a £10.3 billion bid for Telefonica’s O2 blocked in 2016 due to fears it would harm competition.

The decision to overturn the block in place was welcomed by CK Hutchinson in May.

In May, CK Hutchinson said that the European Commission has “slowed down vital industry consolidation in Europe” with its decision.


But the European Commission has disputed the decision from The European Court.

European Commission spokeswoman Arianna Podesta argue The European Court has “made a number of errors of law” in is judgement.

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