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Frequency partners with Case-Mate on Z10 accessories

Samantha Tomaszczyk
February 5, 2013

UK-based distributor Frequency Telecom will offer products designed by Case-Mate for the BlackBerry Z10 and Sony Xperia Z through European retailers

UK-based accessory distributor Frequency Telecom has an exclusive partnership with Case-Mate to offer accessories for the BlackBerry Z10 throughout Europe.

Accessory specialist Case-Mate is one of the first to offer cases for the new BlackBerry device, unveiled at the end of January. The company, which will also offer cases for the Sony Xperia Z exclusively through Frequency, is a member of the ‘Built for BlackBerry’ and ‘Made for Xperia’ alliance programmes.

The Case-Mate range for the BlackBerry Z10 includes ‘barely there’, brushed aluminium and wooden cases, with prices starting from £14.99.

For the Sony Xperia Z Case-Mate designed a tough case which has an impact resistant polycarbonate shell and a shock-absorbing interior.

Frequency Telecom managing director Gareth Limpenny said it is the first to market accessories for the BlackBerry Z10 and Sony Xperia Z, adding the devices seem to be on target to sell well in 2013.

He said: “If you believed all the PR, Apple would have the smartphone market sown up by now. However, this is certainly not the case and if anything, recent reports indicate that ‘the rest’ like Android, Windows and RIM smartphone numbers are on the rise.”

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