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GBL: Brightstar secures FMC patent

Mobile News
August 26, 2009

Handset distributor Brightstar has been awarded a patent for technology to enhance its fixed-mobile convergence products.

Brightstar’s devices allow a mobile phone to be used like a cordless phone within a predetermined range. Its patented technology allows the reception range for the products to be doubled.

The technology is being used by network operators in geographical areas where landline density is low, such as Latin America, India and Africa.

Brightstar ITC (Ideas To Consumer)  division vice president Jaime Narea said: “Today, cordless phone users in their homes are limited to certain space constraints. Home users can attempt to roam around from room to room, but they are on an electronic leash.

“If you walk with your cordless phone more than 100 metres away from the base, you’ve often gone beyond the limit and when that happens, you hear static, your phone signal is lost, and your call is dropped.

“With Brightstar’s patented technology, we have now calibrated the distance between the base and the phone by an additional 100 metres, while allowing the cordless phone to mimic cellular technologies.”

Brightstar’s ITC division was founded in 2001 with the mission to develop fixed wireless handsets.

Brightstar has since sold in excess of 4.5 million fixed wireless units in around 40 countries.

Brightstar has also been awarded a patent for its Return and Repair Management System. Brightstar software for returns and repair transactions.

It is an integrated, web-based application that handles complex return scenarios with warranty validation and serialised tracking throughout the return lifecycle.


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