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Giffgaff teams up with Redeem to offer pre-owned phones

Paul Withers
January 26, 2017

Customers will be able to sell unwanted handsets, with others able to buy them from the new online ‘Marketplace’

Giffgaff has teamed up with gadget recycler Redeem to sell pre-owned phones to its customers.

The online ‘Marketplace’ launched yesterday (January 26) and provides people with the chance to sell their unwanted phones for additional cash or buy ‘rigorously tested’ pre-owned handsets that are unlocked.

MVNO giffgaff claimed the new service provides a quick and easy verdict on how much someone’s device is worth via a valuation tool. Once their quote is accepted, sellers receive payment the next working day.

It added it is perfectly placed to offer this new service, as it doesn’t tie people down to contracts and customers will be able to purchase ‘goodybags’ with their new phone. but can still leave the network at any time.

These goodybags are additional allowances that customers can purchase each month, with a number of bolt-ons ranging from £5 for 125 minutes, 500 texts and 100MB of data to £20 for unlimited minutes, texts and data.

Recouping money

Giffgaff Marketplace chief commercial officer Kim Faura said: “With Marketplace, giffgaff will help offer quality control to these phones by giving peace of mind to members that the phones they are buying are in excellent working order.

“By giving people a no-nonsense platform to help sell their phone we are also giving them an opportunity to recoup some money from their old devices.”

Gadget recycler Redeem, which has partnerships with the likes of O2, Vodafone and Tech Data, will be operating this new service.


Redeem CEO Paul Adams said: “Redeem has built up over 15 years of expertise in managing the take-back process for mobile phones and other devices from corporates and consumers.

“We look forward to working with giffgaff to provide a range of services to their customers, including a quick, secure and reliable way to trade-in their old devices, as well as an innovative valuation tool that gives an immediate estimate on the value of an old phone.”

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