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Good news from Samsung as it targets premium smartphones

Paul Lipscombe
July 4, 2018

The typical stereotype of B2B customers is changing, says company’s sales boss 

Samsung B2B is targeting the premium smartphone industry as the sector anticipates growth of three per cent in 2018.

With an estimated 6.4 million B2B smartphone sales in the UK in 2017, 2.4 million were premium, which equated to just over a third. Samsung owned 26 per cent share of this premium market.

Speaking at the Data Select Platinum Club, Samsung head of indirect channel sales Graeme Good told prospective dealers in attendance about the drive towards generating more premium sales.

Good said: “We’re increasingly seeing B2B customers being more receptive and open to buying premium devices. The traditional stereotype of B2B customers not investing in high-end phones is no longer the case.”

Samsung experienced more than 20 per cent growth in revenue last year in the B2B channel, with the premium flagship at the time, the S8, selling more than 200,000 units since it launched.

Good added: “We do expect to see growth in the premium segment again this year and we’re increasingly having to work hard to ensure we’re growing our share the way we have in previous years.”

One particular area of the Samsung portfolio that has been popular in B2B has been the tablet market, with more than 150,000 sold last year.

With the UK the number one performing country for sales of the Tab Active 2, Good expects the success to continue and for sales to double over the next year.

“We’re the number one European country for sales of the Tab Active 2. We’ve forecasted that we’re going to double sales of this product over the next 12 months. It’s a really niche product that is a real differentiator in the tablet market.”

Samsung Service Anywhere 

Samsung also wants to drive more premium sales by offering its customers Samsung Service Anywhere which is a “break fix” repair service which can be taken as either a two or three year option.

Customers will benefit from a support solution that is “tailored” to their needs, according to Samsung indirect B2B account director Zoe Pullen, with approximately 70 repair centres located across the country.

Pullen said: “Having various logistical areas around the country makes it a quicker, easier turnaround and it is something that can take pain away from the customer.”

The service portal is accessible to all end users to build and manage the device and has been designed to take away the need for support from IT teams.

Samsung customers will be able to make the most of the repair and replacement service that is offered through four different stages including advanced replacement, collect and repair, in-store repairs and Service Anywhere and screen repair.

According to Pullen, the repair and replacement service not only solves any issues but also takes away the hassle for businesses in dealing with repairs.

“It’s hands-on help that fixes issues and it’s taking the pain away from businesses.”

Pullen also discussed Samsung Capital, a finance plan that helps dealers to make devices more accessible and affordable to customers.

Samsung Capital allows users to free up some cash flow and have top-end devices accessible to them as well as selling additional hardware and enhanced solutions such as Knox solutions.

The finance payment options are split into four structures including minimum, fixed term, hire purchase and operating lease, with the minimum value starting at £25,000.

Pullen said: “We’re selling more devices, services and accessories and this can be a further additional revenue channel for businesses.

“It will also shorten the device refresh cycle with people keeping their phones current and will also cement those customers for future contracts.”

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