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Griffin Internet takes on Fused base

Paul Withers
October 26, 2010

Griffin Internet acquires assets and customers of Fused Group

Griffin Internet has acquired the assets and customer contracts of Fused Group for an undisclosed fee. It sees around 4,000 end users and 200 resellers transferred to Griffin Internet, with 10 staff moving to Griffin Internet’s head office in Derby.

Fused services to now be managed by Griffin include broadband, Hosted Exchange, BlackBerry BES, leased lines and IP telephony. Fused’s ‘Mobility’ brand remains, with the company now concentrating on building and developing applications for smartphones.

Fused Group chief operating officer Mark Salvin (pictured), who has a six-month consultancy contract with Griffin Internet to help transition of assets and customers contracts into the Griffin Internet business, said: “We’ve just built an iPhone application for the Royal Mail and we have a few other large projects on the go in that business. The mobile application space has been quite profitable to us for quite some time and it was evident that the vast majority of our cash generation was coming from that area.

“With shrinking margins in the broadband space we felt it was a good time to move it on to a well respected company in the market like Griffin. This has allowed the Fused directors and shareholders to pursue projects that they were interested and passionate about.”

A Griffin Internet spokesperson said: “We’re taking over Fused’s customers and its partners will sell our products. We’re an aggregator so we bring together white label products that the channel can sell into their own brands. We work with seven lease line and three DSL providers and they can order and create packages for broadband connectivity.”

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