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Gusto rushes ahead of power bank competition

Paul Withers
February 12, 2016

Accessories manufacturer led both the UK power bank and wall/main charger markets at the end of last year

Gusto Telecom was the leading manufacturer of power banks and mains chargers in the UK at the end of last year – just three-and-a-half years after it launched.

The Banbury-based accessories manufacturer almost tripled its share in the power bank market from three per cent in 2014 to 8.8 per cent at the end of December, followed by Kit Mobile (8.4 per cent), PNY Technology (7.9 per cent) and Belkin (4.6 per cent).

Gusto’s power bank range consists of a number of products across its ‘Juice’ brand, such as the All Nighter, Block, Cube, Power Station, Weekender and Squash, Squash Mini and Squash XL.

It finished last year leading the wall/mains charger market in the UK with share of 10.1 per cent – up from 9.4 per cent at the end of 2014 – followed by Nokia (7.5 per cent) and Kit Mobile (2.7 per cent).

Gusto Telecom MD Joe Bennett said: “To be leading both of these competitive markets just three years after we launched is a phenomenal achievement. Retailers have been impressed by our innovative product design, packaging and marketing, and we don’t see why that won’t continue to be the case.”

Juiced up
Gusto launched its Juice brand in August 2012 with wall/mains chargers. Packaged in cardboard juice cartons, the range consists of Apple Juice, BlackBerry Juice and Multi Juice, which comes with six universal connectors making it compatible with Apple, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung devices.

The power banks and chargers are on sale at a number of high street and online retailers in the UK, including O2, Three, Currys PC World, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and WH Smith.

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