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Huawei Eco-Connect Europe: Visa and Huawei will extend Huawei Pay to Europe

Paul Lipscombe
November 20, 2018

Huawei Pay follows similar payment apps such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay

Huawei revealed at its Rome event that Huawei Pay will come to key European markets as the vendor extends its global partnership with Visa.

The service uses Visa’s tokenisation technology that provides users with a unique digital ID linked to their Huawei ID.

Users will be able to make payments using the token system, which Huawei says reduces the exposure of card information and adds further security.

The company is seeking to replace the physical credit card, says Huawei mobile services Europe vice president Jaime Gonzalo.

“We are launching offline payment which aims to be a replacement for the physical credit card,” he says. “With Huawei Pay, we are trying to advance mobile payments in Europe.”

Gonzalo addressed potential concerns over people’s mobiles being stolen by explaining that the system is protected by touch ID recognition and can also be deactivated without needing to cancel the Visa card.

“The phone will replace your card and will be tied to your identity,” he says. If your phone is stolen, you don’t need to cancel your card. Nobody can use your card on your phone, as it is protected by fingerprint sensors.”

Payment through Huawei phone

Bank talks

Gonzalo revealed that Huawei will also speak to a number of European banks regarding other credit payment types in the future.

“We are initially beginning with Visa, but we will then look to talk to all the European banks about incentivising payments through mobile. The rollout won’t be immediate and we will go one by one with the banks, but we want to accelerate this payment in Europe,” says Gonzalo.

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