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Humphrey and Cole in retail stand-off

Paul Withers
September 8, 2010

Retail chiefs agree to avoid direct competition with each other by not opening shops in the same towns

Get Connected and Go Mobile have a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ that neither will open stores in the same towns as the other, so avoiding direct competition.

Retailer Get Connected has 75 stores across Wales and South West England. Go Mobile, which is now absorbing long-time Get Connected rival JAG into its business, has shops across the Midlands and South West. Go Mobile’s estate now stretches to 104 shops across the UK.

Get Connected managing director Damian Cole said it will not be entering into any business partnership with Go Mobile, despite the similar profile of the retailers.

Cole said: “If Go Mobile already has a store in Edinburgh, then we won’t open one in Edinburgh and visa versa. There are hundreds of towns where neither of us have a shop, so there are plenty of places to target without going head-tohead. This isn’t a business partnership of any type, just a gentleman’s agreement between us.”

Meanwhile Get Connected has opened its latest store in Credito, Devon, taking its overall shop count to 77.

Get Connected works with Go Mobile boss Iain Humphrey for supply of goods and fulfilment on its Shebang distribution engine and Sellfone EPOS system.

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