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iPhone 6s tougher than Samsung Galaxy S7 in SquareTrade tests

Alex Yau
March 14, 2016

Apple’s handset could not keep up with Samsung’s latest flagships in water resistance tests, however

The iPhone 6s has proven it can handle more bumps and scrapes than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices in the latest durability tests from SquareTrade Labs.

The gadget protection specialist put all three handsets through its ‘Breakability’ experiments. One of these involved placing each phone in an enclosed chamber spinning around at 50 revolutions per minute for 30 seconds.

According to SquareTrade Labs, the iPhone 6s survived the tumble test. Both of Samsung’s smartphones suffered damage to their back panels, whilst their front screens had minor cracks.

Despite losing to the iPhone 6s in the tumble test, both Galaxy handsets came on top for water resistance. All three devices were submerged under five feet of water for half an hour. Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge survived being underwater, but the audio coming from the speakers was permanently muffled and distorted.

The iPhone 6s’ speakers could not play any audio at all and there was clear water damage beneath its screen. It also started malfunctioning after 10 minutes and died at 24 minutes.

SquareTrade director of communications Aileen Abaya said: “Samsung’s new phones may hold up to an impressive amount of water, but we’ve found that they still struggle to keep up with the iPhone when it comes to screen durability.

“So while the S7 and S7 edge may be perfect for underwater adventurers, those of us who are clumsy or accident-prone should still be careful about drops and tumbles.”

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