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iPhone to boost Q4 revenues at

Paul Withers
July 3, 2012

Online retailer forecasting monthly turnover of £10 million, driven by sales of the iPhone across all networks expects to boost its monthly turnover by around £3 million to £10 million during Q4, as a direct result of the iPhone on all five networks.

The online retailer and high street giant Carphone Warehouse are currently the only two firms to offer the iPhone across all network operators for consumers.

The firm began selling the iPhone range on Orange in Q1 2011, and added T-Mobile and Vodafone during Q4. Three and O2 completed the list in January and February this year.

The business turned over on average £7 million per month during Q2 this year (April-June) – the same turnover the firm experienced during Q4 2011 – its busiest period of the year. MD Paul Sisson said he expects turnover of almost £100 million by the financial year ending March 31, 2013 – almost double the £54 million in the previous  period and £30 million more than predicted in April.

The figures exclude its purchase of 100 Go Mobile retail stores from Shebang Technologies Group last month, which Sisson predicts will add a further £30 million in turnover for the company.

Sisson said: “If we can achieve this level of success now, there is no reason why we can’t increase that by a third to £10 million a month in the final quarter of this year, which would see turnover track towards £100 million before the end of the year.

“The impact of the iPhone shouldn’t be underestimated. Only ourselves and Carphone Warehouse offer it across all networks.

“It’s such a desirable brand. No doubt when the next iPhone is released it will boost our business further.

“We’ll also continue to grow the brand and make it a household name. If we do that, I don’t see why we can’t double the size of the business.”

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