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Jasper adapter to save development time

Mobile News
September 9, 2010

Jasper Wireless claims to shave six months off connected device development with new software-based network adapter

US M2M connectivity specialist Jasper Wireless claims its new software-based network adapter will save six months of development time for connected devices and speed up their route to market.

Jasper Link is designed to handle the wireless network connection for connected enterprise and consumer devices, such as automotive telematics systems, mobile health tools and tracking devices. Jasper Link serves as the connection between the device and the network. It is built using an industry standards-based interface, which means it can be installed on any device connecting to a GSM or UMTS network.

Jasper Wireless senior director of product marketing Macario Namie (pictured) said many connected device manufacturers do not have the wireless network expertise required to keep their devices connected in various network conditions.

Jasper Wireless has carried out research that claims 60 per cent of connected device launches are delayed because of such wireless connectivity issues. Around 80 per cent of device applications also demonstrate ‘aggressive’ behaviour by constantly trying to connect to the wireless network, causing signal loading issues on the mobile network.

Jasper Link is installed directly out-of-the-box as software, reducing network connectivity development times by up to six months, so claims Jasper Wireless, and increasing the revenue potential for devices.

Namie said: “These devices are not built by Nokia or Research In Motion; they’re built by companies whose expertise is in the application not the connection.

“Jasper Link can be plugged in as part of the application meaning developers do not have to worry about the trial and error of getting the connection right.

“For developers, this reduces the time it takes to get a device to market and increases revenue potential.”

Jasper Wireless will licence Jasper Link to developers already using its platform and make it commercially available worldwide by the end of 2010.

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