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LAT: Telefónica’s new delivery platform

Mobile News
August 10, 2009

Telefónica and Huawei have completed deployment of a new Service Delivery Platform (SDP) for Telefónica’s 13 operating markets in Latin America.

Telefónica said it had already started to develop new mobile advertising, messaging tools and network storage solutions.

It said the SDP will allow Telefónica to provide at a regional level a complete portfolio of value-added convergent services for different devices, as well as for mass market and business markets.

It claimed the new platform will accelerate time-to-market of new services and reduce operational costs. Developers and software companies can use the solution to integrate their own services.

Luis Miguel Gilpérez, head of mobile business at Telefónica Latinoamérica said: “The SDP adds value to the company’s offering allowing Telefónica’s customers in Latin America to access the most innovative services, in the fastest and most efficient way.

“Huawei’s SDP solution, allows Telefónica to constantly deploy the latest innovative solutions, shortening the time-to-market and therefore ensuring a quicker and more efficient delivery to consumers.”


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