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Market for cases and screen protectors quadruples – GfK

Mobile News
June 5, 2013

Eight million units were sold in the UK during 2012 according to the research firm

The market for screen protectors and mobile cases has quadrupled in the last four years according to research firm GfK.

Research by the company found sales grew to eight million units in the UK last year, with scope for continued growth as the number of smartphones sold increases in the coming years.

GfK attributes the increase to the number of consumers now signing long contracts to get high end devices, which they then look to protect for the duration of their deal.

GfK account manager Hannah Frost said: “The total mobile accessories market has grown consistently in both volume and value across the last four years. This growth comes as consumers are tied into longer contracts on high end devices and so more investment is being made in accessories to both protect and enhance their existing device.

“However, as touchscreen handset sales continue to grow in share within the smartphones market, it signals that there is still further potential for the case and screen protector segment of the accessories market to further increase sales.”

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