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Mazuma’s Smith steps back from EcoRenew role to focus on UK market

Jasper Hart
February 26, 2020

Smtih was group CEO throughout 2019

Craig Smith has become managing director for phone trade-in company Mazuma Mobile, having stepped back from his role as group CEO of parent company EcoRenew.

Smith served as group CEO throughout 2019. He was previously managing director of ICT data logistics firm ICT Reverse, which he sold to EcoRenew in 2017.

EcoRenew also bought Mazuma in 2018.

“Eco’s not that well known in the UK, it’s a bigger company in Asia. I’m no longer involved in the other parts of the world for Eco and it was decided that I should focus all my time on Mazuma,” Smith told Mobile News.

He added that EcoRenew’s owners took the decision to get rid of the position of group CEO, as its global business has shrunk.

“Eco is not doing as much business as it did. It used to have a place in America which it doesn’t anymore – so it’s just a case of me focusing on Mazuma – the owners of Eco don’t need that global role anymore.”

Mazuma and ICT Reverse are still owned by EcoRenew, but the Hong Kong-based parent wants to keep their branding at the forefront.

“Mazuma is a much stronger brand in the UK and that’s the one we’ll push,” said Smith.

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