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Mobile News Awards and Mobile News XPO – Current Status

Mobile News
March 4, 2020

The Mobile News Awards and Mobile News XPO will be taking place as scheduled on March 12 at The London Hilton on Park Lane.

We are following advice from the venue which has issued the following statement: “Currently we are following the guidelines from the local health authorities and the NHS. We are continuing to monitor our team members and if anyone does display symptoms, we advise them to contact the NHS by calling 111 and follow their advice (as per current guidelines).

“We are also actively monitoring the stock of provisions in the hotel. Finally, we are also currently in the process of training all our team members across the hotel in the facts relating to the virus including, preventative methods, symptoms and how they can seek further advise should they need you.”

Mobile News is monitoring the situation closely and is following the Government and local authority guidelines.

As a responsible company we would not take any action to jeopardise the safety of our visitors and delegates.

We look forward to seeing all our visitors and guests for what we are sure will be a productive and enjoyable day and night.

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