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Mobile operators losing users to better MVNO offers

Mobile News
July 17, 2019

Compelling offers from MVNOs has contributed to growing connections

An inability to match
alternative offers is one of the main reasons people are quitting
their direct contracts with mobile phone operators and moving to

According to public opinion and data analyst organisation YouGov, around a third of the six per cent of UK adults who changed networks last year did so because their provider couldn’t match the offer from an MVNO. Another 28 per cent switched because their tariffs were too expensive.

YouGov head of digital,
media and technology Russell Feldman says MVNOs have driven down
prices with aggressive low monthly contracts.

“The flip side is they don’t tend to offer the same premium handsets and packages. But this is a trade-off many are now willing to make,” he said. Feldman also says YouGov data indicates that MVNOs have seen a larger proportion of iPhone owners switching to them.

“This highlights how
the MVNOs offer an attractive proposition to those customers who
already have a high-end handset.”

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