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MobileUK launches new 5G fact-checking campaign to debunk dangerous myths

Paul Lipscombe
February 4, 2021

Last year a number of misleading 5G theories swept the internet 

MobileUK has launched a new campaign aimed at educating people around 5G in attempt to debunk damaging myths about the technology.

The campaign which is called #5GCheckTheFacts sets out to address the misinformation around 5G.

It comes in response to conspiracy theories that circulated last year citing that 5G is dangerous to humans.

However MobileUK, which acts as the voice of the UK mobile operators, aims to alleviate concerns and raise understanding about 5G.

According to research carried out by MobileUK, only a “very small minority” are against 5G, however a significant number of those surveyed were unclear whether 5G does or does not pose a health risk.

Last year 5G masts were set on fire by arsonists following dangerously false videos on YouTube that suggested 5G is a danger to health.

Some theorists even linked 5G as the cause of the coronavirus pandemic.

Transformational technology

Commenting on the initiative Mobile UK director Hamish MacLeod said: “While it is clear that only a small minority of people are against 5G these results highlight a desire for more information and clarification, both with regard to the health and safety of 5G, but also on how the technology can and will truly transform society.

“Our #5GCheckTheFacts campaign is designed to provide this information and answers to people’s most common questions. We truly believe that 5G is a benefit offering significant positive changes to us all as well as providing connectivity that will make our lives easier and, in some cases, save lives.”

To help inform and educate people, MobileUK says the campaign will try to be as simple as possible by reducing the use of scientific terms.

Information toolkits, fact sheets, infographics and mini packs discussing the benefits of 5G are available on the MobileUK website.

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