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Mr Mobile powers up with Tech Energi

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
November 5, 2018

New accessories range is modelled on the energy drink market

Accessory seller Mr Mobile has launched a new range of power accessories modelled on the energy drink market.

The products, called Tech Energi, comprise of a range of nine wall chargers and charging cables packaged in small and large drinks-style cans.

Tech Energi will initially be available from the Mr Mobile website later this month, but managing director Bobby Singh confirmed he is in talks with up to seven retailers to range the products in stores or online during the festive period to add to the million sales it sees every year.

Speaking to Mobile News, Singh said the new brand would stand out in an otherwise “boring” market, adding: “We’ve felt for a while that the power market has always been bland and, for something people use all the time, the products look quite plain.

“Tech Energi is marketed on the Monster and Red Bull energy drinks because we wanted it to stand out on the shelf.

“The energy drinks market is a massive market that people relate to. Tech Energi has a similar concept, but for your mobile, as it gives energy when your mobile is feeling drained or running out of power.”

The nine products cater to micro USB, USB-C and Apple products. All three cables can “fast charge” devices.

Singh also disclosed plans to add power banks and wireless charging to the range in the new year.

“We have plans for other products like power banks and wireless charging products, which will be coming in early next year when we’ll be expanding the range further.

“It is quite a competitive market with a lot of options available, but we are working on something quite unique and the various products coming through are quirky and different to the rest of the market.”

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