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MVNO launches as PBX service

Mobile News
October 11, 2010

MVNO Gradwell Mobile offers SIM cards with fixed line numbers for businesses looking to reduce the cost of taking calls on the move

SME unified communications supplier Gradwell has launched an MVNO offering PBX functionality.

Gradwell Mobile, which runs as an MVNO on Three’s network, allows business customers to get a SIM card with an 01, 02, 03 and 0870 geographical fixed line number attached to it, rather than an 07 mobile number. Gradwell said this removes the need for businesses to hold separate mobile and fixed line numbers.

Customers can call and text to and from the number assigned to the SIM, and can divert calls according to the time of day.

Gradwell Mobile SIM cards cost £10 a month, with a one-off £10 hardware charge. The SIMs will work in any unlocked 3G handset, as well as handsets already on Three’s network.

Various bundles and tariffs are available. Calls cost 3p per minute to make and receive, on top of the standard call charge.

Customers can port existing numbers to their SIM, with Gradwell able to transfer numbers from 30 fixed line operators. Gradwell Mobile can also be twinned with existing hosted PBX or unified communications systems.

The Gradwell Mobile service is available direct and from Gradwell’s partner channel of 160-plus IT and telecoms resellers.

Gradwell managing director Peter Gradwell (pictured) said there has been some technical issues to overcome in launching its MVNO service, such as how to enable text messaging to and from a fixed line number. However, he said Gradwell Mobile offers better functionality than traditional unified communication packages.

Gradwell said: “The problem with unified communications is that you often have to have software programmes installed on your mobile, or they are trying to connect different PBX systems.

“This can be clunky. Gradwell Mobile works off the SIM card, hidden away in the network.

“It’s targeted at SOHO guys, like builders or taxi drivers, who might currently have their fixed line calls divert to their mobile at a cost of 12-18p a minute. By migrating to Gradwell Mobile it costs 3p a minute to receive a call so there’s a saving there.”

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