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MWC 2022: Huawei outlines factors that can drive ‘better digital future’

Paul Lipscombe
February 28, 2022

Ryan Ding also touched on the importance of Green ICT for the future

A key senior figure at Huawei has identified three key areas that operators can work on in order to create a better digital future.

Huawei’s executive director and president of the carrier group Ryan Ding said that a better digital economy can be created if operators focus on connection density, computing diversity and carbon reduction intensity.

Ding made the comments at Huawei’s Day 0 Forum at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC).

During a virtual briefing titled “Lighting up the future”, Ding acknowledged the hard work that many countries such as China and South Korea, plus the E.U. has made in building its digital economy.

Ding was clear in his views that ICT infrastructure providers and operators will “play an increasingly important role in leading the development of the future digital economy.”

Going into more details about the three factors, Ding said that operators can grow maximise their 5G user base and expand business scope by increasing connection density.

While by diversifying computing resources, operators can ‘create synergies between connectivity and IT to boost enterprise digitalisation for new growth’.

He added that carbon reduction will be essential to help increase network capacity and cut energy consumption, to increase green initiatives.

And reducing carbon footprints is key to Huawei’s long-term green strategy ‘More Bits, Less Watts’ added Ding, who said that “green ICT is key to sustainable growth in the digital economy.”

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