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O2 and Vodafone build on UK network sharing deal to include 5G

Paul Lipscombe
January 23, 2019

Both operators formed a partnership venture in 2012

Operators O2 and Vodafone has announced that it has extended its networking sharing deal to cover 5G as it seeks a faster roll-out of the new technology.

Both operators plan to include 5G at joint radio network sites which will allow for a faster and more cost-effective deployment of the network to a wider geographic area.

In addition O2 and Vodafone are each deploying its own seperate radio equipment across 2,500 sites as both seek to aid greater network autonomy in larger cities. This represents around 15 per cent of sites outside London.

The operators also intend to upgrade transmission networks with higher capacity optical fibre cables that will allow customers to benefit from new 5G features such as low latency.

Telefónica UK CEO Mark Evans said: “I’m excited by the potential of these plans to meet the future needs of customers while delivering value for our business. In addition, these plans would allow us to utilise the spectrum we acquired in the last auction very effectively.”

Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery added: “We believe that these plans will generate significant benefits for our business and our customers as we move into the digital era of connected devices, appliances and systems on a mass scale.

“Customers will benefit from the best 5G experience available and we will deliver even faster speeds by using our spectrum holding more effectively.”

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