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O2 boosts 4G capacity at popular UK spots

Manny Pham
July 19, 2019

Tourist attractions Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and the Angel of the North have seen the boost

O2 has announced today (July 19) it has boosted 4G performance in almost 400 popular UK vacation spots.

Over the last 12 month the network has connected 99 tourist hot spots to 4G and boosted 4G in 299 places.

The operator invested £32 million to boost its capacity which will yield for customers improved coverage and speeds. However, O2 did not clarify how its 4G network has improved in the locations. The work is a part of the network’s ongoing work to upgrade its network.

The operator invests around £2m a day in its network. 4G is available to O2 customers in almost 19,000 towns, cities and villages across the country. Indoor population coverage remains around 99pc claims the operator.

A full list of boosted locations can be found here.

Minister for tourism Rebecca Pow said: “Mobile connectivity helps people make the most of their holiday and is essential for the UK tourism industry, which employs millions of people all across the UK and is one of our fastest growing sectors.  It is great news that O2 is investing over £30m in improving 4G coverage to almost 400 holiday destinations and landmarks across the UK- from urban centres to some of our most remote visitor attractions.”

O2 COO Derek McManus added: “4G will be the backbone of our network for years to come, that’s why we plan to add 4G to even more towns and rural locations throughout 2019. At the same time, we are also looking ahead. Our 5G rollout will start later this year and just like 4G, we intend to build 5G for our customers where they need it most.”

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