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O2 Business launches two new remote working propositions

Paul Lipscombe
March 10, 2021

O2 Business is looking to provide teams with latest devices and also help to spread the cost of plans over three years

O2 Business has strengthened its digital workplace portfolio with two new workplace propositions.

The propositions will allow O2 Business to support UK businesses and their remote workforce.

As part of this, O2 Business is offering the two new propositions for its customers – Device as a service and O2 Voice for Microsoft Teams.

The Device as a service proposition allows business owners to access the latest devices, already set up and ready to use.

This service will be available for a monthly fee and gives customers a choice of devices, including Apple and Android handsets, plus a range of services.

These services include the ability to replace lost, stolen or broken phones within 24 hours.

O2 Business is also aiming to give companies more flexibility around finance, with customers able to get the iPhone 12 or Samsung S20 with the cost spread out over three years, via O2 Capital.


The digital workplace portfolio offers users full visibility and control of the devices from a central portal, designed to keep customers secure and protected from malware and phishing attacks.

A full suite of Microsoft 365 apps is included as part of the portfolio, with O2 Voice for Microsoft Teams.

According to O2 Business, O2 Voice for Microsoft Teams “delivers the next step with enterprise grade PSTN voice access” with direct routing for domestic, international, inbound and outbound calls.

O2 Business managing director Jo Bertram commented: “Flexible working environments may be a gift for some employees, but it can be a lot of added pressure on businesses to provide the necessary equipment and IT services that keep the show running.

“That’s why we’ve introduced the Digital Workplace Propositions to support customers from the moment they get their device out of the box, to when they’re ready for a refresh.

“Affordability is key, so we’ve made sure that the devices can be financed via O2 Capital, meaning that customers get the most out of their mobile package.”

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