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O2: A third of Brits relying on mobile data to work from home

Paul Lipscombe
February 15, 2021

Study also reveals that voice calls grow in popularity as workers suffer from ‘Zoom fatigue’

New research from O2 has revealed that over a third of Brits working from home are relying on mobile data to do so.

The study from O2, which sampled 4,328 UK adults, found that 36 per cent of respondents regularly switch to mobile data instead of broadband.

And 61 per cent of Brits said that being able to connect with mobile data has improved their working from home experience.

Since the start of the third national lockdown, O2 says that nearly half of Brits (47pc) working from home have suffered connectivity-related stress since January.

Switching off from Zoom

O2 also found that the amount of voice calls being made is on the rise as people have had enough of virtual meetings.

‘Zoom fatigue’ has seen over a quarter of Brits (28pc) and 36pc of 18 to 24 year olds switch to phone calls instead.

And according to O2, the average voice call has gone up by an average of 30 seconds since the third national lockdown.

O2 head of network experience Emma Evans said: “Covid-19 has demonstrated that reliable mobile connectivity is essential, helping families across the UK home-school their children, stay connected to loved ones, and keep businesses across the nation up and running.

“We are pleased that the use of mobile data is able to support families and households to get through this difficult, unprecedented time when connectivity is crucial for daily life.”

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