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O2 is top for network freebies says uSwitch

Staff Reporter
April 3, 2023

Three takes second place with perks worth over 60 per cent lower than O2.

O2 has the best subscriber perks says an analysis of network incentives by comparison site uSwitch

Opt for the O2 SIM only £6 per month 4GB deal and take advantage of all of the perks on offer, and the perks will be worth £1,102.44. This is a 665.58 per cent profit on the total contract amount over two years.

Unlike the UK’s other top providers,U USwitch says O2 customers can benefit from perks that renew each week says comparison site USwtch. These include a free weekly Greggs’s coffee, sausage roll and breakfast roll. You also get the chance to bag a free weekly Odeon cinema ticket throughout a contract.

Whilst free Apple TV and Peloton subscriptions are on offer in the first three months, there are larger perks available too.

Users can redeem a free 43″ £529 Bravia TV if they buy or take out a contract deal on a Sony Xperia 1 IV or 5 IV, this week with the TV. Whilst some perks require an initial spend, the return could still see consumers benefiting.

“The total value of all O2 perks is £2,135.67. Over 24 months, customers could be earning £699.23, once they’ve factored in contract costs and the cost required to redeem some of the perks”, says uSwitch.



Total cost of perks*

True value of perks

Value of perks minus cost of contract 

















iD Mobile



















*Cost of perks without weekly deals (e.g. O2 Greggs coffee)


Lebara, iD mobile and giffgaff offer a range of one-month rolling contracts and one-off perks that can be redeemed in the first month of a contract.

In the first month, a new user could be benefitting from perks worth 2335.3% of the cost of a Lebara SIM-only contract. But once the perks have been used, they depreciate, making contracts less profitable and, in some cases not profitable, over 24 months.

 Lebara’s perks amount to £92.24. So, in the first month, perks on offer for Lebara’s 1GB one-month plan for £3.95 a month are worth 2335.3 per cent more than the contract cost. After two years the contract cost will amount to £90.06, meaning perks will only be worth £2.18.

O2 offers a range of deals, including weekly, monthly and one-off, and customers’ perks are guaranteed to be valued at at least 130.3 per cent after two years, for higher priced contracts such as O2 SIM only unlimited contract for £35 a month. Lower priced contracts like O2 SIM only 15GB for £8 a month, value perks as much as 582.5 per cent after two years.  O2 customers are always guaranteed, over the length of their contract to make a profit from the perks on offer, says USwitch.

Three’s perks are worth £257.08 overall when factoring in the cost of the contract. Three offers several high-value deals to their customers which are mainly one-off perks, including 50 per cent off Moonpig, 30 per cent off Molton Brown and £10 off UberEats.

Perks after 12 months for Three’s SIM only 3GB £5 a month contract will be worth 549.8per cent of the contract cost. The perks included with the O2 SIM only £6 per month 4GB deal are worth over double that at 1,256.7 per cent of the cost of the O2 contract.

 Vodafone’s customers can earn up to £206.08 in their first month, Perks include a half-price Wine52 order, three months free Spotify Premium and £30 off a Haven Holiday, among many other deals.

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