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Olive refreshes brand as part of ‘simpler’ offering to customers

Alex Yau
April 23, 2014

Firm drops communications from logo and refreshes brand as part of continued growth strategy

Olive Communications says its brand refresh will simplify the communications offering for customers who are becoming ‘bamboozled’ by the increasing use of technology jargon.

The statement came from marketing director Dan Roche as he explained the reasons behind the revamp at the company which has made major strides in the dealer sector over the past 18 months.

Staff numbers alone have grown from 25 to 160 over the period where it also purchased one of its biggest competitors, Wish Communications. It has also entered the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 which ranks the fastest growing technology companies in the UK.

The company has a new mission statement: ‘By harnessing the power of communications technology we enable our customers to reach their full potential’. Additionally, a major part of the brand refresh is a revamped website which went live on April 2 and focuses on the simplification of its message to its customers.

“We’re just trying to make it easier to dip in and out and find stuff that’s interesting to them and hopefully help them understand what’s possible,” Roche told Mobile News. “There are a lot of confusing technology terms and I think some companies can use that to their advantage to bamboozle the customer, but we’re trying to make it easier to understand what’s possible to help them reach their potential.”

That simpler approach includes a logo which has dropped communications and replaced it with ‘always connected’ reflecting its approach over the past few years which has seen a huge push into unified communications.

The company has hired senior executives, including Roche, from the likes of Azzurri Communications, O2 and Vodafone as part of the strategy.

“I think UC has been a promise for a long time, but the connectivity and the way that applications work together hasn’t really been there but I think that over the last year things have changed. Microsoft has come into it, Office 365, and Lync – these things are making it easier for communications to be connected together.”

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